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Building Houses and Improving Lives

Castaway Kids is in collaboration with the Trover Family Foundation from Oregon to build houses for low-income families in our area. The first such home is being built right now in Empalme.

Jose Luis and Rosa Margarita met in Nogales where they worked together, they have been together 20 years now and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. They purchased a piece of property, making payments for 8 years and built a small house out of wood and other materials as block was too expensive. Jose Luis left his job at the maquilas in order to make more money as a masonry worker, which is what he is doing currently.

The family is helping on the construction of this house and they are so grateful for the help that is being given. Ernesto Andrade is working as the construction foreman on behalf of the Trover Family Foundation, which Castaway Kids is very grateful for. Our Special Projects team will be working this summer overseeing the completion of the last phase of the Vocational School in Punta Arena this summer, among many other duties.

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