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Since the Begining

Joel Fabian Ruiz Lugo has been in our Adelante Estudiante program since very near the beginning of our program, 2010, when he was attending CBTIS Preparatoria (High School in Guaymas). Sam and Elizabeth Rainwater have been his sponsors since that time and Joel is now studying engineering at ITSON with a high grade point average.

Joel lives with his father and mother and has no brothers or sisters. He attends our free conversational English classes at a private home in San Carlos on Saturdays and his English has really improved.

He recently came in 2nd in a state-wide competition for Mr/Miss Tourism Sonora. He also came to our Christmas Carol sing-along, where he received a new laptop from his sponsors. When asked to write a little something about what Castaway Kids' sponsorship program has meant to him, this is what he wrote:

"It's been another year since I started to be part of Castway

Kids. I can't be more thankful with my sponsors for all the support that they've given to me, for trusting in me and help me to move on; to our english teachers for helping us to improve our pronunciation and being patient. I'm so happy to be part of this scholarship that has helped me a lot, for being part of the CastawayKids family. I feel honored for being the (featured) student (this) month. They say that life is about growing achievements but they don't happen by themselves, many of mine have been possible thanks to all the support that you have given to me. Thanks for helping me and all the students to complete their goals."

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