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All students on the waiting list come from low-income families and maintain at least an 80% out of 100% grade point average (equivalent to a B or average in Canada and the United States).


High School
Dream Job - Naval Aviation

Karla Selene, lives with her parents and two sisters, likes to draw and dance, and would like to study Naval Aviation. Karla is in her last semester of high school with excellent grades and is very excited about starting college in August of this year. She dreams of being able to graduate and have a better future, but her family's economic situation is difficult and she needs a sponsor to be able to continue.


High School
Dream Job - 

Antonio is 14 years old, he likes to exercise, sing and play the guitar in his spare time. He is currently in his second year of high school with an outstanding average. His father is a merchant, but the pandemic seriously affected his finances and Antonio needs the support of a sponsor to continue studying.


High School
Dream Job - 

Melissa is 15 years old, she is in her 3rd year of "Secundaria" (9th grade), she loves to draw in her spare time. She dreams with becoming a profesional in the future and be able to help her family and hove more and better job opportunities. Her father works in the cleaning area and her mom makes tortillas, the family income is not enough and she needs the support of a sponsor to continue studying.


Middle School
Dream Job - DOCTOR

Erika is 12 years old, she lives with her parents and 2 sibilings that are 9 and 1 years old. Her father works in construction and her mother stays at home. Erika would like to be a Doctor in the future, she likes to play volleyball and listen to music in English to practice the language. Her average in school is 98 out of 100, she is an excellent student that needs a sponsor to be able to continue in school.


Dream Job - Business, Dermatology or Marketing

Andrea Nathaly, She is 18 years old, her family is made up of her two siblings and her parents. Andrea spends her free time reading and walking. She would like to study business, dermatology or marketing. Her current grades are outstanding and she requests the support of a sponsor so she can focus on her studies without worrying about her family's economic situation.


Dream Job -
Mechatronics Engineering

Pablo is 18 years old and lives with his grandparents although his parents support him financially, the situation is precarious, his father works as a bricklayer and his mother as a factory worker. Pablo started college this summer at a school called Itson in Guaymas, in the career of Mechatronics Engineering, and with an outstanding average of 93. He dreams of graduating and working in a reputable company designing mechanical mechanisms.


High School
Dream Job - Psychologist or Lawyer

Gabriela is a 15-year-old student who is currently attending high school in Empalme and has an average of 8.5. Her greatest achievement has been learning how to speak English, and she would like to continue practicing it. She lives with her parents and 3 siblings. Her dream is to finish her studies and become a psychologist or a lawyer in order to aspire to a better future. Her hobbies are reading and playing softball.


High School
Dream Job - Metalurgic Engineering 

Angel Gabriel is a student who will finish high school this summer and is ready to start college. He is happy because he has already been accepted into Unison which is the state university in Hermosillo, but unfortunately he lost his sponsors. For the moment Castaway Kids will continue to support him from the general fund, but it is necessary to get a sponsor soon so he can continue his studies. Angel will study metallurgy engineering and hopes to find someone to support him soon.


High School
Dream Job - Business Administration.

She is 16 years old and lives with her mother, who works as a housecleaner, and one older brother. Ana Lucia is in her first year of high school with very good grades. She really likes reading, taking care of children and helping her mother with household activities in her free time. She dreams of being able to continue her studies and study Business Administration.


Dream Job - Graphic Design

Nancy Adilene is 18 years old, she lives with her mother and brother. Her favorite hobbies are drawing, reading and listening to music. She is studying graphic design in Hermosillo at a school called UNIDEP with excellent grades. Nancy needs the support of a sponsor to be able to continue her studies, since her family is suffering financially.


Dream Job - Administration

Zulma is 14 years old, she lives with her mother who works in a bakery to support her daughter. She likes to dance and draw. She would like to study Administration. She is currently in her first year of high school with an outstanding average. Zulma needs the support of a sponsor to be able to continue studying since her mother's salary is low and she has other needs to cover.


Dream Job - Medicine

Fernanda is 22 years old, she lives with two roomies in Hermosillo, her parents support her and her brother, but with many difficulties, she is one of the few students that in 2018 got a place in the State University UNISON to become a Doctor because of her outstanding grades, her average right now is 91. She is at her 4th year in collage currently, she will finish classes next summer and after she finish she will have a couple of years of social service and practices. She would love to have a specialty in geriatrics.


High School
Dream Job -
Accountant or Mechanical Engineering

Wendy is 15 years old, she lives with her father, she loves to cook an her free time and would like to be an accountant or mechanical engineer. Wendy is an excellent highschool student with a 98 average

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