All students on the waiting list come from low-income families and maintain at least an 80% out of 100% grade point average (equivalent to a B or average in Canada and the United States).


Dream Job - Industrial Engineer

17 years old
Graciela just graduated from high school and wants to start engineering. She needs the support to be able to continue her studies since her mother, who is a single mother and a stylist, does not earn enough to support the studies of her three children. Graciela likes to draw, garden, and exercise. She dreams of being a professional to have a good job and be able to support her mother and grandparents financially. Her final average was 8.4.


High School
Dream Job - Mechatronics Engineer

Carlos is 17 years old, he lives with his grandmother and other 12 family members, he likes to fish and run.

He is at his second year in Highschool with an average of 9.

He would like to study  Mechatronics.


High School
Dream Job - Business Administration

Itzel Michelle is 18 years old and lives with her father and grandmother. She enjoys studying, reading, painting and writing. In her free time she likes to play softball. Itzel Michelle finished high school this summer and in August she would like to start college to study Business Administration. Although the economic situation at home is very complicated, she hopes to get a sponsor to help her continue her education so she can aspire to a better future.


High School
Dream Job - Medicine (Doctor)

Cynthia Arleth, 

She is 17 years old and is currently in her last year of high school with an average of 8.4. Next year she will start college and would like to study medicine at the University of the State of Sonora. Cynthia lives with her parents and a brother, but the family income is not enough for her to continue her studies.


High School
Dream Job - Industrial and Systems Engineer

Isis is 18 years old, her dad works in maintenance and her mom is a homestay mom, she has a 10 year old brother and her little family strives every day to get ahead. This summer she will finish high school and plans to start college in August. She dreams of starting a career in Industrial and Systems Engineering and for that she needs the support of a sponsor. Isis' favorite hobby is playing softball and she supports her family by working part-time as a waitress.


High School

Dream Job - Criminology or Medicine

Danna is 11 years old, she lives with her mother, two younger siblings and grandparents, and the family income is not enough for her to continue studying.  She is in the first year of high school (7th grade) and is an excellent student with an average of 92 out of 100. In her free time she likes to dance and watch TV. She would very much like to have the opportunity to continue her studies and study criminology or medicine in the future.