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Music education is a long-standing emphasis of Castaway Kids due to it's powerful impact on kid's lives.  In January 2019, we moved our Steel Pan Music Program from Guaymas to San Carlos where the local community warmly welcomed us. Classes were originally held in the local Centro Comunitario (Community Center).

With so much interest from our community, we expanded the program and built new classrooms for instruction in steel pans, percussion and brass behind our main building in the center of San Carlos.  Our long-term vision is to grow our music program in San Carlos for local school kids who currently have few opportunities for extra-curricular activities.


To that end, we will always accept donations of musical instruments and band sponsors to help make the program a success.  We are particularly looking for trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and percussion instruments.  We encourage monetary donations to help compensate our instructors and purchase needed supplies.  We were given a head start by the Chicago Music store in Tucson, and we thank them for their donation of instruments and assistance in obtaining instruments at reduced prices .


The steel pan band also receives a huge boost from frequent visits by Char Lusk and Ansel Joseph, steel pan instructors from Phoenix.  They volunteer their time to provide instruction, tune instruments, and provide essential guidance to our instructors and students.  They have also donated many steel pans.

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