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Club Jerry Boat Trip

Some of my neighbors, Jerry and Sher Jacksha, have agreed to take kids from Club Jerry's after school program in the Punta Arena barrio for a boat ride, again, for the 2nd year. Jerry Donovan has run Club Jerry, an after-school program for kids in the Punta Arena neighborhood (over toward the Ferry Docks), for almost 30 years. These youngsters have lived close to the Sea of Cortez all their lives, but other than a few of these kids who got to go on Jacksha's boat last year, they'd never gotten to experience the sea from aboard a boat.

Once again, Jerry built up their excitement with a trip to Walmart to plan their “picnic”. They had to choose what kind of sandwiches they wanted, and how many to make up and decide how many sodas they thought each one might drink for about 4 hours on a boat, on a hot day in the sunshine, plus how many cookies, how many bags of chips-- all big decisions. They packed an ice chest after putting together their sandwiches and they were ready to go. The boys ranged in age from 12 to 16 and they were all very well behaved. It's one of the things Jerry teaches the kids when they come to his Club, they shake hands with him and sign in when they arrive; they sign out the skate boards or unicycles or other equipment they want to use, they say please and thank you. He teaches them respect for others as well as self-respect, things they don't really get at home, and it definitely showed with this group.

Jerry's next goal is to take a group of these kids clear to the island so they can fish for dorado, sail and marlin and have the experience of fishing for those exciting top-water fish. If you have a fishing boat and a captain, give it some thought. One day out on the water that you will enjoy as much as they do. Jerry comes along to help with communication and to make sure the boys show proper respect for the equipment and the people offering this new experience.

If you have a boat, or a cabin in Yecora, or another idea for an adventure to share, keep in mind that life-long memories are made from experiences and you can help make that kind of memory for a group of kids. I guarantee it will make a wonderful new memory for you too. If you have an interest in sharing your good fortune, get in touch with a Castaway Kids volunteer by e-mailing and we can get you in touch with Jerry.

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