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Esperanza Azteca

One collaboration we're very proud of is that with the Esperanza Azteca Sonora Youth Symphony Orchestra and Choir. Near to their time of starting in Guaymas, Castaway Kids became involved with the Orchestra and Choir. We opened up a special account in their name where donations can be made from the US into our 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Corporation and donations came in. We've been able to pay for a set of steel drums and with the involvement of Susan King, we became the first Esperanza Azteca group with a steel pan band. More recently we paid for a local percussionist and the conductor to attend a steel pan workshop in Colorado so the steel pan band now has a dedicated teacher and in 2016 this band started with a group of young students dedicated to playing the pans. This group has shown itself to be “good-will ambassadors” for the entire orchestra and choir and can play smaller gigs than the full group.

We were able to purchase a cargo trailer for their use for transportation of instruments, choral risers, etc. to concerts. We worked with some other donors and “friends” of the orchestra to purchase risers for the choir. The difference we've seen in the demeanor of these youngsters has been remarkable, they have such pride in being a part of this wonderful musical entity. They've been able to travel to the US to give concerts and it has enriched their lives in so many ways.

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