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Making a Difference

Our mission is to assist kids and their families in the San Carlos and Guaymas, Sonora area with education and housing so that they are able to improve their lives and increase opportunities. Through our one on one student education sponsorship program we pay for the education of high achieving kids from low income homes and with the assistance of a Family Foundation, we construct and improve the homes of those families living in desperate situations.

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Castaway Kids is helping those who are unable to rise out of poverty without an education and a secure environment.



Public education in Mexico is not free past 8th grade, and many families cannot afford to send their kids to school.  Our Adelante Estudiante education program helps by matching academically successful students in need with sponsors who pay for the student's education.   For as little as $1.00 US per day, you can support a child through public school.  And for about $800 US a year, you can put a student through university.  Check out our waiting list of students who are looking for sponsors.



Castaway Kids provides housing for low-income families, using grants from the Charles D. Trover Family Foundation and other donated funds. We also re-purpose boats and RVs into housing if they are no longer sea or roadworthy. 

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Castaway Kids supported music education for many years through our collaboration with Esperanza Azteca Youth Orchestra.  In 2019 we opened our own Youth Music Program in San Carlos with a focus on steel pans, brass and percussion instruments.  We have also added a choral group.  This program is thriving and creating excellent musicians as well as improving self-esteem and quality of life. 

We have also started an After School Program to assist kids with tutoring, mentoring and a lunch program two days a week.

Castaway Kids Education Center May 2019-


Castaway Kids built an Education Center in San Carlos, thanks to many generous donations from members of our community and our extended network of supporters.  We currently offer free English as a Second Language courses in our classrooms and also offer vocational education classes such as sewing.  The Education Center also houses our Thrift Store which funds many of our programs.

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