List of Students Awaiting Sponsors


Adelante Estudiante is the name of our student sponsorship program.


Students listed below are looking for sponsors.  All of the students meet Adelante Estudiante eligibility criteria of 80% out of 100% GPA and a family income of no more than approximately $6,000 pesos per month.  Because of family circumstances, these students are at high risk of not finishing school if they do not receive sponsors.  


Adelante Estudiante offers you an opportunity to track the student whom you select to sponsor.  You can even meet your student and get to know their family.  We have bilingual volunteers who can help.  Or, perhaps you just want to know how the student is doing from a distance.  That is ok too.  We will send updates twice a year about their progress in school.


We do not assign more than one sponsor per student unless you tell us that you want to share the expenses with someone else.  100% of your donation goes to the student you select.  We encourage you to make a long-term investment your student -- at least until they finish high school. 


If you aren't interested in having a personal connection with a student and their family, we suggest that you make a general donation to the Adelante Estudiante program and we will make sure that 100% of it goes to a student in need.  Click here to make a general donation.


Students are assigned to sponsors on a first come, first serve basis.  We try to keep this list as up to date as possible, but there can be a day or two when students appear on the list even though they have already been requested for sponsorship.  We apologize in advance if you select a student and later find that he or she has already been sponsored.  We also leave students on the list until we have received payment from new sponsors.  You might see an announcement "SPONSOR PENDING" at the end of a student's profile.  You can still request these students, and they will be assigned to you if no payment is received from their initial sponsor.  


Click here for more information about the Student Sponsorship Program


Please browse the student profiles below and click on the associated link if you find a student whom you would like to sponsor.  The link will initiate an email to Castaway Kids.  You will receive an email with instructions for sponsorship within a day or two.





Dream Job - Licenciatura in Administration


Maria lives in Guaymas with her parents and three sisters.  She achieved a 96% GPA during her first semester Instituto de Tecnológico de Guaymas.  Maria likes to listen to music and dance, and she has also been involved in Rotary Club activities in her spare time.  Click here if you would like to sponsor Maria Fernanda.



Starting University, Fall 2019

Dream Job - Gastronomy


Alma lives in the Mirador section of Guaymas with her mom and sister.  She is taking her last semester at CONALEP high school where she has achieved a cumulative 96% GPA.  Alma loves to kayak and play soccer, but she also loves to cook and wants to continue her education in gastronomy after high school.  In her spare time, Alma does arts and crafts and she volunteers with the Fire Department on weekends. 

Click here if you would like to sponsor Alma Paola.



Dream Job - Software Engineer


Jesus is 18 years old and lives with his parents in the Loma Linda area of Guaymas.  Jesus graduated from high school with an 85% GPA.  His favorite pastimes are reading, playing guitar, and swimming. 

Click here to sponsor Jesus Alfonso.



Middle School

Dream Job:  Engineer


Luis is 13 years old and lives with his parents and sister in Colonia Niza Galiza in Guaymas.  He attends Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Secundaria, where he is consistently on the 9.0+ Honor Roll.  Luis loves playing basketball, painting, and enjoys music. 

Click here to sponsor Luis Alejandro.



High School

Dream Job - Professional Soccer Player


Luis Carlos is 14 years old.  He lives with his mother and brother in Guaymas.  He is entering CBTIS High School this year.  His grade point average after 3 years in Middle School a nearly perfect 9.8 out of 10.  He is an avid and skilled soccer player.

Click here to sponsor Luis Carlos.



Dream Job - Industrial Engineer

Xena is 18 years old.  She lives with her baby, mother, stepfather, and 3 siblings (12,15 and 17 years old).
She finished high school this summer with a 90 average. She is starting a university a program in Industrial Engineering at ITG in the fall of 2019.  With a sponsorship, Xena would be able to continue her education.  She is very dedicated and she dreams of having her degree to be able to have a good job to support her child and help her family.

Click here to sponsor Xena Dariana.


High School

Dream Job - Doctor

Diego Alberto  is 15 years old.  He lives with her parents and sister in San Carlos, He is starting High School, likes to read and play chess. His father works in maintenance and his mother is a stay home mom. His father job is intermittent and that is why he needs the support of a sponsor to be able to achieve his dreams.

. Click here to sponsor Diego Alberto.


High School

Dream Job - Veterinary

Sofia Elizabeth is 14 years old.  She is starting High School. Sofía Elizabeth lives with her mother and sister in Guaymas. She likes music and would like to be a veterinary. She would like to become a professional in the future to be able to help her family. She needs a sponsor to be able to make her dreams come true. 

Click here to sponsor Sofia Elizabeth.



Dream Job - Psychologist

Osvaldo Enrique is 18 years old, likes to sing, listen to music, languages and theatre. Lives with his mother and his goal is to finish university and start working with success on what he likes the most. He is now at University studying Psychology but needs the economic support to continue. He has learned by himself English and Italian. Vado is one on the current students attending english classes every Saturday at Castaway Kids and never miss one. He is very enthusiastic and constant.

Click here to sponsor Osvaldo Enrique.



Dream Job - Nurse

Jazmin Esmeralda is a current CK student, but she lost her sponsor.
She is currently in the 4th semester at Conalep Empalme to become a Nurse.

Her grades average is 10!
Her dad is a sailor and her mom is a stay home mother and she has a little sister.

She likes to draw and read and listen to music. She is half way to graduate.

Click here to sponsor Jazmin Esmeralda.

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