Castaway Kids has a history of promoting vocational training, and we continue to look for more opportunities around Guaymas and the surrounding area.  We are in the early stages of planning for a vocational training center in San Carlos, including teaching sewing, welding, and other marketable crafts.

Tipton Women's Sewing Cooperative

One of Castaway Kids greatest successes so far has been the development of the Tipton Sewing Cooperative.  Several single mothers joined the cooperative in 2009, and learned to sew.  They now supply hand-sewn and crocheted items to the Thrift Store for sale. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the women to help support their families.  

Club Jerry Technical School

Castaway Kids oversaw the design and construction of the school on behalf of the donors who are from Phoenix.  Currently, 3 classrooms and 1 lab are complete.  When the school is completed later this year there will be 3 classrooms and 3 labs. CK also has a representative on the board of directors and we continue to assist with marketing and operation of the school.  Limited classes are now in session, including English, soldering, and cell phone repair.  

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