Help change a life!  Student sponsorship is a program to help kids from low-income families to stay in school.  Sponsoring gives a child in need the chance to overcome poverty.  Sponsorship is a gift that affects generations.  When you sponsor a child, you’re connected with one child and his or her family.  You can take a hands-off approach or get to know the whole family.  


All eligible children must maintain an 8 of 10 GPA, have a good attendance record, and be from a low-income family.



Please, sponsor a child today.




Sponsor a Student Who has Lost a Sponsor:  We currently have some students from low-income families who have fulfilled their GPA requirements but have nonetheless lost their sponsors.  Fill out the following form and write "lost sponsor" in the subject line. Full sponsorship is $350 USD, or make a donation for less and we will combine funds to pay for individual students.


Select a Student from the Waiting List:  Fill out the following form to let us know that you would like to sponsor a child in need. Please write the complete name of a student on the waiting list that you wish to sponsor in the subject line.  We will get back to you with payment options.  

Have a Student Assigned:  If you elect to have a student assigned, please indicate the requested donation level you choose, as follows:

Secundaria (grades 7 – 9):  A donation of $250 USD covers the annual cost of uniforms, shoes, and school supplies.  Public secondaria schools do not charge tuition.


Prepatoria (grades 10 – 12):  A donation of $500 USD covers the annual cost of uniforms, shoes, and school supplies, plus the additional cost of tuition.  Public prepatoria schools charge tuition.  

Universidad:  A university-level donation covers tuition and fees.  The annual cost depends on the academic institution.  With the average being about $600 USD a year, but it can range from around $300 to $1,000.  

Write "assign a student to me" in the subject line.


Thank you very much for your generosity.


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