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Castaway Kids Community Education Center and Thrift Store 

The Castaway Kids Thrift Store will open its doors on the ground floor of the San Carlos Community Education Center on December 6, 2018.  We have many people to thank, including everyone who donated to the building fund, all of our loyal volunteers, the students in our Adelante Estudiante program, and ladies from the Tipton Center sewing program.  


The Thrift Store is integral to Castaway Kids success.  Over the past 5 years, our Thrift store has grown, sales have increased, and we have been able to sponsor students and pay for administrative costs with the proceeds.  The Thrift Store enables Castaway Kids to make an enormous difference in lives of many. 


The Thrift Store also allows us to make available, at very low prices, some essential clothing and household items to some of our less fortunate neighbors.  It also gives "new life" to items that might otherwise sit unused on a shelf or end up in a landfill.  The higher-end, non-essential items generally sell at a higher price, and the proceeds support our programs.  The generosity, support, and participation of the San Carlos Community and volunteers are what has allows this to happen.  Together we can make a difference.





Why build a Center now?

Our programs to support education as a means for overcoming poverty have been proven successful.  It has long been clear, however, that our efforts fill only a small portion of the need.  CK’s initial focus was on providing support for school-age children, through our sponsorship program. But many adults also need education and training. 


Thanks to our Thrift Store revenue and generous supporters we have sufficient general funds to purchase property in San Carlos.  And, a local business owner, who is also a long-time supporter of Castaway Kids, has made us a deal on a main street property that we can’t refuse.  We will however, need to raise money for building construction.  Please consider donating today.


What type of classes will be held at the Center?

Already, we are fully equipped to begin classes in sewing and business management.  With these skills individuals can start a home business or a cottage industry supplying boat covers and other canvas work to the thriving marine market here in San Carlos.  The new classrooms will also host classes in English language, computer software, résumé writing and interviewing skills, money management, business management, and entrepreneurship.


Where will the Center be located?

On the north side of San Carlos’s main street, Calle Fabio Beltrones, between Castaway Kid’s current Thrift Store and Thrifty Ice Cream.


Why build a Center in San Carlos?

Facilitating a personal connection between local Mexican families and Canadian and US visitors to San Carlos has been our strength.  That connection is the backbone of our student sponsorship program.  Many winter visitors and expats in San Carlos have marketable skills and are willing to teach them to others.  We selected this location because it is convenient for San Carlos residents, and there is a bus stop from Guaymas at our front door.  One-way bus fare from Guaymas is under $10 pesos, and we will likely make arrangements to reimburse fare for students who cannot afford it.


Who will pay for the Center?

We are able to purchase the property with money in our general fund.  This fund includes non-earmarked donations and Thrift Store proceeds. We will need to raise money for the building.  Student sponsorship and other earmarked funds will not be used.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Your donation is tax deductible in Mexico and the United States. 








Castaway Kids has long wished for a Community Education Center in San Carlos, with classrooms to expand our programs helping others.  We have acquired property on the Boulevard a couple of lots from the current Thrift Store and Donation Centre.  This will become the site of the future Castaway Kids Community Education Center.  We’ll have a place to house vocational class rooms and a work shop and also to expand our Thrift Shop and Donation Center.  It will be a place to teach sewing and other marketable skills to the whole family.  We will expand our efforts to create self-sustaining family support networks to improve results for the kids.  It will also allow us to grow our educational program capacity, reaching even more students with English classes, special workshops and seminars.


Our work is just beginning…


Castaway Kids is successful thanks to your support and generous donations, your sponsorship of students and our other programs and all of our dedicated volunteers.   Building this center in San Carlos is an exciting growth opportunity for our community.  Your time and financial support will ensure the success of the Community Education Centre.  We’re looking for your help now to get our building fund going.


Contact us at to learn how you can help or for more information.  Find out more about the new Education Centre and Castaway Kids.  Click here to make a donation.




Visit our donations webpage to view the donation levels.  You can choose your own amount or any other donation level that you are comfortable with.  You can then click on the PayPal Donation button to make your donation.  Or, you can mail us a check to the address shown on our website.




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