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Terry  graduated from Flagstaff High School, then went on to secretarial and court reporter schools.  She worked as legal secretary and court reporter most of her working life.  She has always loved to travel and experience different cultures and she and her husband started taking “sabbaticals” in Mexico via RV, made several 6-month-long trips to the Yucatan Peninsula, and learned to love the Mexican people and their more laid-back approach to life.  Terry has long felt that education, whether formal university-style or vocational, is the way out of poverty and she was one of the founders of the student sponsorship program, Adelante Estudiante.  She has no children of her own, but feels she now has a connection with hundreds of Mexican kids who have been part of this program.  In April, 2016, Terry became a citizen of Mexico and now enjoys dual citizenship.

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Charles retired from Banking in 2010 after having spent over 35 years in personal, commercial, corporate and project finance.  During this time, he worked in South African, Canadian and US Banks and lived in various countries.  For the last nine years he has resided year round in San Carlos.  Charles is the head of Castaway Kids “special projects” which involves construction, boat donations, and whatever else comes up.   Charles also supervises the Thrift Store Volunteers.  Charles is enthusiastic about the work that Castaway Kids does and finds it very rewarding and enriching.




Sherree is CK Secretary and volunteer.  She has a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Management from Northern Arizona University.  Sherree helps out with special projects and is a manager at the Castaway Kids Thrift Store.  She and her sister, Kristiea Jones (retired career Marine Gunnery Sergeant), co-sponsor through Adelante Estudiante, Cielo Landa, a straight 10 student.  Cielo finished Prepa in 2017, and is now in University.

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Lindy retired from the City of Nanaimo, BC in 2010 after working in Accounting Services and Financial Systems for many years.  She originally grew up in Saskatoon, but also lived in Toronto, Bonaire, Nanaimo and Gabriola Island.  Lindy oversees all of the financial activities of Castaway Kids, coordinates special projects and construction projects, supervises the Thrift Store Volunteers.  She feels very fortunate to have been able to take a long road trip after retiring and discovering San Carlos at the end of the rainbow.  She started volunteering with Castaway Kids in 2011 and loves every minute of it!



Board Member at Large

I started as a volunteer with Castaway Kids in November of 2012, it has been a wonderful experience!! One of the best in my life.

I was born in Guaymas and when Castaway Kids needed someone bilingual Terry contacted me, with by boys Santiago and Emilio (9 and 7 years old) going to school in the mornings I had the time to be part of this amazing group of people that volunteer to help others!!

I am the student coordinator and I have incredible experiences dealing directly with the students of "Adelante Estudiante" and their sponsors.  Thanks to that I have the opportunity of witnessing angels helping young boys and girls continue their studies to be able to have a better future.



Board Member at Large

Teresa is a retired wildlife biologist and a full-time resident of San Carlos.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Forestry from the University of Washington, and a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the University of Minnesota.  Teresa is the Castaway Kids webmaster and serves on the Adelante Estudiante student sponsorship committee.  She has been on the board since 2016.  Teresa, her husband, and a couple of their friends co-sponsor two students.



Board Member at Large

I have an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering.   Retired after 34 years with Colorado Springs Utilities.  I worked in the water treatment area and supervised operation and maintenance of several treatment plants including specialized treatments for a 200 megawatt power plant.  My last assignment was to oversee construction and startup of a 60 million gallon water treatment plant.



Board Member at Large

Mike is a retired marketing and project management professional focused on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to the telecom, electric, gas, water and E911 industries.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University, majoring in Business Economics.  He serves on the Castaway Kids U.S. Board as a Member At Large and assists in CK Thrift Store and other CK activities.



Board Member at Large

My name is Maris Kalmbach, in 1999, my husband (Larry) and I were on a caravan and stopped in San Carlos.  Needless to say we got the bug and bought property and built a home here.  In 2001, before Castaway Kids formed, we got to know and worked with Mark Mulligan.  Hence the journey with this great group.  I have a bachelors degree in Occupational therapy and a Masters in Health Administration.

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